I. 词汇冲关。


1. Listen to the music ______(careful), please.

2. The windows are open but the door is _____ (close).

3. There are three nice ______(knife)in my pencil-box.

4. My kite is ______(break). Can you mend it?

5. Thank _______(good). I’m not late for the bus.


6. c______:to make a dish(菜肴)

7. d______:not the same

8. d______:to make a picture with a pen or a pencil

9. e______:one on each side of the head

10. h______:not easy

11. o_____:not at home

12. r_____:to move(移动)fast on foot

13. S______:the first day of a week

14. w______:a period(时期)of seven days and nights

15. w_______: not right


16. This bag is light, but that one is h______.

17. I’m t______. Please give me some drink.

18. Han Mei wants to l______ English from Mary.

19. Sue likes m_______. Look! She’s listening to it now.

20. They often go to s_______ on the ice.

Ⅱ. 单项选择。


( )21. ______ is good at English. What about _____?

A. She, him B. Her, he C. Her, him D. She, he